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Industrial Solutions

At Binar, we have extensive experience of industrial solutions in a wide variety of industries. This has given us unique insights into how to create efficient, safe and reliable manufacturing flows. Basically, it’s about understanding your specific process. Together we can then identify improvements in each individual step to create the best production solution.


As the trend towards more automated manufacturing continues, we are convinced that a focus on the human being is also needed to get the most out of the technology. Our systems go one step further than the generic solutions available on the market, particularly in terms of the work environment and user-friendliness.


Our expertise in industrial solutions is broad. That means you get a partner who sees the details that are essential for each individual service and product

  • Lifting Solutions
    • Binar’s patented Quick-Lift Systems ™ transforms heavy lifting into part of an efficient and precise production chain, without risking the health of your personnel. Quick-Lift becomes a direct extension of the hand’s movements and requires only 20 g of actuating force to lift up to 300 kg. For more information :
    • Binar Quick-Lift Systems's webbplats
  • Control Systems
    • Smart solutions for controlled and efficient production. Visualisation. A sense of efficiency. Andons and alert handling. Easy to pick right. On-screen mounting instructions. Monitoring, reports and statistics. For more information:
    • Binar Electronics AB's webbplats
  • Heating & Drying
    • Microwave technology has long been established in the food industry, where it is an important part of the process of efficiently preparing and pasteurizing food in microwave tunnels. This technology can also be used on a large scale for the energyefficient drying of many different kinds of materials. For more information:
    • Ircon Drying Systems AB's webbplats
  • Motion Control
    • Binar Elektronik’s in-depth knowledge of industrial control and positioning systems is packaged into our BiFas family of products. Managing complex machine processes is simplified by controlling both logic and motion together in the same system. For more information:
    • Binar Electronics AB's webbplats
  • Sheet Metal Handling
    • Speed, flexibility and precision. With our patented robot UniFeeder, Binar has established itself as a leading supplier of automation equipment for sheet metal pressing lines. Its top-rated performance also has benefits in a range of other quality-controlled production processes. For more information:
    • Binar Olofström AB's webbplats